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Elevate your business with an irresistible landing page – the ultimate destination where visitors can't help but say “yes" to your offerings. A meticulously crafted landing page not only boosts sales but also narrates your brand's compelling story. Our team of skilled designers at IMS Incorporation is well-versed in the latest digital trends, ensuring a professional and impactful landing page design that seamlessly integrates with your developer's expertise.

Let's collaborate to create a landing page that drives engagement, builds trust, and fuels growth for your brand with IMS Incorporation.

what benefits do you get

Experience the comprehensive benefits of our new landing page design

Elevating Brand
Elevating Brand
More Clickability
More Clickability
Sales Boost
Sales Boost
Brand Storytelling
Brand Storytelling
Expert Design
Expert Design

Our Price Packages

Basic Plan
  • Responsive design
  • Up to 5 sections
  • Basic content creation
  • Contact form integration
  • Social media integration
  • Basic SEO optimization
Standard Plan
  • Responsive Design
  • All features of Basic package
  • Custom design with 2 revisions
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Speed optimization
Power Plan
  • Responsive Design
  • C.D with 3 revisions
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced analytics integration
  • E-commerce setup
  • Interactive element

Frequently Asked Question

what do I to Prepare for the Landing Page?

When preparing for your landing page, gather as many details as possible. Share information about the type of page you need, your desired copy, designs that resonate with you, brand elements like logos and color schemes, specific details about your product or service, high-quality images, any technical requirements for developers, and other specifications that will shape your design. The more insights you provide, the better equipped our team will be to create a landing page that perfectly reflects your brand and resonates with your audience! Explore our agency's portfolio for inspiring examples of captivating landing pages crafted by our talented team.

Can you I Use my Own Images?

Absolutely! If you have any specific images such as your logo, product photos, or any other visual assets that you want to be included in your landing page design, please ensure to provide them along with your design brief.

In case you don't have specific images or need additional visuals, designers may use stock images from third-party sources. If stock images are used, designers will inform you which ones they are and use watermarked versions during the design process. Once you finalize the winning design, you'll need to purchase the required stock images and provide them to the designer to complete the design as per your specifications. This ensures that your landing page design aligns perfectly with your branding and visual requirements.

Why is it important to have a well-designed landing page?

A well-designed landing page can significantly impact conversion rates by providing a seamless and persuasive user experience. It helps in communicating your value proposition clearly, reducing distractions, and guiding visitors toward taking the desired action.

How does a landing page differ from a website homepage?

A landing page is focused on a single goal or offer and is designed to guide visitors toward a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. In contrast, a website homepage serves as an entry point to your entire website and typically provides an overview of your brand, products, and services.

Is There Really a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

We stand behind our services confidently, offering you a 100% money-back guarantee Rest assured that your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need help rewriting your brief, reopening your project for better results, or choosing a winning design, feel free to contact us anytime. However, after the Refund, you are not legally entitled to use any of the designs.

What factors should I consider when choosing a package for creating a landing page?

Consider factors such as budget, desired features (e.g., A/B testing, analytics, integrations), ease of use, scalability, and support. Also, think about whether you need a simple template-based solution or a more customized approach.

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